Just like there was an inspirational progress in the land farming fields in our village, there are many times where the paddy fields called agricultural industry has reached the highest peak as possible.The landscape surrounding Amman temple is a field with quality soil farming for paddy! Here paddy fields are mentioned as Manavari, without water flowing, sowing and harvesting depends on rain! According to our village, everyone owns the lands for paddy fields! So they look perfectly and plant quality gaddy and get the maximum yield if they get rain! It is a common thing to do similar paddy in our village’s western surrounding area of Valalayikirai! Since rain water is stagnant here in Valalai Krai pond, the paddy field is filled with water from the pond in short periods of time! In the north part of our village, Palavi, Vayar Pradesh, is also there in a manavari way, if there is a shortage of water, there is a Kavizh pond, and some of the wells are difficult to do the paddy field!In 1970, the farmers who have been trying hard in the fields near the Amman Temple near the Amman temple, produced paddy seeds using well water before the rain came, planting paddy fodder in a queue during rainy season. Communal welfare officials advised Jaffna district’s lowest spreading the record of people who got the best yield at the highest level and got the highest level, were made to show off with prizes. Among them the Mr. Mr. Chelladurai (Rathinam) Veluppillai (Nagappar grandfather) is remarkable.In the 1970s, radio was a very popular hobby, as it was scientific, everyone thought to like it, but due to the badness of economic facilities, our town people are listening to the radio which was operated on both social stations. Twenty-twenty-five houses in one house was on radio air! Sri Lankan Vanele is a popular status in foreign countries that expelled Sri Lanka for its quality broadcasting, while the people of our town gathering eagerly to listen to the news three times. At the end of the news, the news among themselves Standing together and discussing said politics and daily events is also an incredible phenomenon!Morning rays in the vanally ,Overflowing Poombunal, Mukhatar Vedi, Memorable, Song for Song, Mangaiyar Manjari, Unquenced Thirst, What you heard, Screen, Veritas News, BBC News, Honeybowl, many more very quality shows were telecasting .As the quality of production of local farmers was fixed by import avoiding policy during Mrs. Shrimao Bandara Naikka’s reign, the quality of life of farmers slowly reaches higher level of cottage houses, cottage houses. Listen to radio shows by keeping the radio at home during normal household chores and gardening to be a desired device for classy mud houses and stones Boredom trained to perfect their work, during this time our village youth went to Vanni landscape for gardening. Though Vanni has visited many parts of the landscapes from Jaffna district, Vadama, a folk drama called ‘Velikidadi Vishwamadu’ as a part of the region which is famous in the cultivation of Vanni landscapes, Vadama It is true that the loyalty of agricultural youths who have become popular throughout the moment, had a time happened to foreign youths, cannot deny or hide! The smallest high quality Panasonic radio refuge ever in their hands! Back then radio types like Sony, Younique, Panasonic, Nasanal Panasonic were in practice,At the same period, the monthly magazine called Kamathozhil explanation was full of agricultural pictures, news, advices. In a magazine of the Achajigai, our town young farmer Mr. Thangarasa was called the Northern Provincial Agriculture King An identity, an introduction, a proud head to our village by publishing her picture as the cover photo of Ammatha magazine by selecting from Vamadu. Can we forget the incidents that caused the uprightness etc!Came to enquire about the paddy field and went in a different direction, with the aim of posting some things!I hope the importance of radio was understood in such a time! A very important historical presentation of appreciation and radio to Mr. Chellathurai (Rathinam) for harvesting such a large amount in a small paddy surface near Amman temple in Jaffna district. There is no alternative opinion in being a takeable event!In our town, in the puzzle grown in the paddy fields, cutting the puzzles with friends and relatives and maturely, it is a good day. The joy of eating it as pongal, rice or nectar during the Eid days. The pride of eating is five stars. It is a fair truth that it does not happen even in the party of Tambara hostel!These pictures are for them to appreciate the tireless efforts of our village agricultural people who have cultivated green basel which is healthy in the present situation where there is no unsettled urea or shortage of urge Dedicating to you !

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